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Investment Dashboard 2017

September 2017 All African markets considered shows good real equity returns (in local currency terms) over the last quarter. Over the last year however, the Mauritian equity market is the standout performer with real returns around 17% p.a. The South African equity market is least impressive over the same period, with real returns of only 2%...

Credit Quality Steps – Some Practical Challenges

The downgrade of the South African currency Credit Ratings a few months ago, have forced many organisations to review the way they respond to such unusual economic challenges. This has also brought about the need for insurers to handle risk differently. In fact, the latest Financial Soundness of Insurers (FSI) update now requires insurers to determine...

SAM Consequences of the S&P and Fitch Downgrade

Last month’s downgrade of South Africa’s long-term foreign currency sovereign credit rating by S&P Global and Fitch Ratings has been the topic of much discussion, due to its far-reaching repercussions. The media has been dominated by speculation and forecasts by leading economists and financial experts, all pointing to a very challenging road ahead. There can be...

SAM Reporting for Insurance Groups with Participations in Non-equivalent Jurisdictions

In November 2016 the FSB distributed draft Financial Soundness Standards for initial public comment. Amongst these were Financial Soundness Standards for Insurance Groups. This month’s article summarises these standards and outlines some of the potential implications of SAM reporting for South African insurance groups with subsidiaries in other African countries.  

Demographic Growth and the Implications for Insurance

In 2016 QED conducted research with the purpose of understanding the impact that population growth will have on various economies in Africa, as well as the insurance industry. Many insurance talks dealing with product development and innovation discuss the potential of growth in insurance volume by reaching a larger section of the population in Africa. Demographics,...

Risk-neutral and Real-world Stochastic Asset Models

Predicting the future is a subject that has fascinated mankind since the beginning of time. Philosophers, sages and mathematicians have all come up with explanations, methods and models intended to provide some measure of certainty in an uncertain world. In the insurance industry, it would be a distinct advantage to have some certainty about the future...
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